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As a newly established school, we endeavor to provide professional and comprehensive training courses to become aspiring artists. Intensively trained in their areas of expertise, our strong teaching team is ready to polish our students’skills in Chinese and Western arts. Committed to help students realize their artistic potentials, our professional teachers are determined to inspire students to become artists, equipping them with aesthetic sense and professional skills that will pave ways for their success.


Our school works with students of all ages and offers courses for pre-nursery kids to adults. Making artworks is fun and we would like to share the joy with all students while instilling professional skills and knowledge in them. Students will acquire basic artistic skills in the elementary courses, which are then followed by the intermediate and advanced courses which will further hone their skills in oil and watercolor painting, Chinese (brush) painting and calligraphy. After that, they will have to declare whether they wish to continue the professional training courses in either oil and watercolor painting, or Chinese (brush) painting and calligraphy. Portfolio building courses are available to those eager to apply for local and foreign art schools. Our school welcomes adults of all backgrounds to apply for the adult courses.

It has been observed that numerous art studios in the city help students make perfect artworks, and the irony is that the students fail to acquire necessary skills to paint independently without the teachers’ assistance. Our school’s belief is strongly rooted in the motto “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life.” Helping students build a concrete foundation will push them to a higher level in their artistic pursuits. After all, making artworks is not about completing an artwork in a classroom or a studio. It is our mission to help each student discover where his potentials lie. We are here to help every student become an artist who is able to convey his message through the artworks.

Our dedication in teaching can be seen in our commitment to help our students develop an all-round development through our art courses. It is our hope that our courses can shape students’ personalities and help them become determined, persistent and responsible individuals. Our professional team would like to walk hand-in-hand with every student in their artistic pursuits. Apart from honing our students’ skills, we would also like to share our passion in arts with them and become their role models.


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Prepayment discount for clients joining 4 classes: 2.5% of 1 client, 5% off for 2 clients, 7.5% off for 3 clients, 16% off for 4 client, 10% off for 5 clients.

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Shop 6A, Basement, Apple Solo, No.15 - 31 Hysan Avenue,Causeway Bay